Just who is Bitter Jack you may ask?

Well, this is an answer that grows larger each day. Bitter Jack is the Superhero of the common man (or woman). Jack has a way about him that cannot quite be characterized, but we’ll try…… Jack is not one to keep quiet when the tyranny of stupidity presents itself each day. Jack has a rare combination of having the intelligence of Malcom Forbes and the attitude of Stewie Griffin and is not afraid to use them both – often simultaneously. Jack says what you, and the person next to you are thinking in every mandatory weekly meeting that is called only to remind the person that called it, that they have the power to call a mandatory weekly meeting. Jack is bitter, yet sweet. Jack will refuse to pay the entry fee at a charity golf tournament – but then donate the car back to them when he wins. Jack is mouth over mind, mind over matter and matter over adversity - all while having a Cuervo Margarita on the rocks with no salt. Jack is as much an attitude as a hero - in fact, Jack is like the little voice inside of you - usually without the need for R-E-D-R-U-M. But this is only the beginning of the complex, laugh in the face of death world of Bitter Jack. Keep your fingers pealed cuz we're launching soon, and the world is changing through Jack-shot eyes!
Help jack find himself! We are holding a nationwide contest to find Jack’s new look. If you consider yourself an aspiring, angry, creative, edgy, sexually-charged, generally dissatisfied, in need of attention, over-caffeinated type of person, then you may just have what it takes to steer the course of history with the new look that is 100% Jack! Please send your ideas in a JPEG file no more than 1mb to newjackpretty@bitterjack.com. We look forward to hearing from you.